Meet Poppy

BabyTatePicShortly after the birth of our first grandson, and a day before Thanksgiving, Mrs. Poppy came down with the flu and was unable to cook. I jumped in, took over the prep and cooking duties, delivered an edible Thanksgiving dinner and in the process discovered that I liked to cook! Mrs. Poppy later confessed that she had never enjoyed cooking and was more than willing to turn those duties over to me.

The rest as they say, is history.

Cooking for me is therapy … I love nothing more than coming home after a busy day at the office, turning on some good music, pouring a glass of wine and start chopping, dicing, sautéing, simmering, grilling and baking some concoction ( I’m sure it’s possible to cook without music and wine, I’ve just never tested that theory). Cooking for me is part art, part chemistry, and then you get to eat your creations, what a deal!

 As the subtitle to my blog states, I’m “somewhere between lazy and gourmet”.

You won’t find any recipes that call for quail eggs, if I can’t buy it at our local Ferguson (yes, that Ferguson) grocery stores or farmers market, it probably won’t appear in this blog. On the other hand you’re not likely to find any recipes that call for opening a can of “Cream of Anything”. The “lazy” part comes in on using things like rotisserie chickens, if I need tasty, juicy chicken for soups, enchiladas, pasta, etc., it doesn’t seem worth my while to start with a chicken that needs cooking when I can buy a ready to eat rotisserie chicken for only a fraction more than it’s uncooked brother. But I will take the time to hand grate a wedge of parmesan cheese rather than shake it out of a plastic jar, not only does it taste better but it also won’t have any powdered cellulose, I don’t know what powdered cellulose is, but I don’t think I would voluntarily eat it. You also won’t find slow cooker recipes, not that they are somehow inferior or don’t taste good, it’s just that I consider cooking a “contact” sport. Tossing some ingredients into a crock pot and coming back 4 or 5 hours later just doesn’t seem like much fun.

I’ve been cooking now for eight years, I’m still learning, I will always be a student and I hope it always stays fun. Cooking for my family allows me to agonize over details and nuances in food prep that you won’t likely see in restaurants because they can’t afford to spend the time. I can afford to spend the time and energy because it’s done for people I love.




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8 responses to “Meet Poppy

  1. Paula Wilson

    Looking forward to goodies.


  2. Nice to meet you and thanks for the follow. Look forward to your posts.


  3. Melanie Watson

    Great blog! I also grate my own cheese. I read somewhere that powdered cellulose is wood pulp. Not something I want to eat or feed to my family!

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  4. Everything's Coming Up Rosie

    Great start to your blog!


  5. I love this… And the thought of cooking as a contact sport gave me the image of you actually crash tackling a chicken then covering it with seasoning while you had it in a headlock.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Fantastic banner! Looking forward to the rest. =)

    Liked by 1 person

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